Whether we like it or not, money is a major influencer both in the way we live our everyday lives and the long-term. Most of us strive for financial freedom, which means being out of debt, having enough money to fund the lifestyles we want to live and being well-prepared for a retirement minus steady career income. As we do our best to get it right, consider these money quotes to inspire your financial life!

  • “Pay yourself first, one hour a day of your income—automatically. Why? Because it works. No budget. No discipline. Boring. Simple. Easy.” —David Bach
    • What it means: Saving automatically is the easiest way to set money aside for your financial future. Set up automatic deposits from your checking account to your savings account, and after a while you will not miss the money that was there in the first place.
  • “Stop being the chess piece, and start being the chess player. It’s time to master the game of money once and for all.”Tony Robbins
    • What it means: Don’t sit back passively when it comes to your money. Take an active role in making your money work for you!
  • “When it comes to your money, nothing is more important than knowing how much you have, and where it is. And if it is in investments, you have to know how much your investments are costing you.” —Tom Zgainer
    • What it means: Regularly take inventory of your financial assets. Also, be aware of fees that you are being charged and penalties that you may be subjected to.
  • “Do what you love, and the money will follow.”Richard Branson
    • What it means: Keep pursuing your passions throughout life. If you are doing something you love, you are probably good at it, which could mean more money down the road.
  • “If you’re working for the love of money, you’ll never have any.”—Barbara Corcoran
    • What it means: We all work to make money. But you shouldn’t work just for money. Doing something you feel passionate about will not only make you happy, but could surprise you by where it leads you financially.
  • “It’s not about having it all. It’s about having what you value most.” —Jean Chatzky
    • What it means: Being rich is all relative, and it doesn’t always have to do with an excess of material items. Find the lifestyle that makes you happy, which may not involve millions.
  • “Don’t make money, create wealth. Making money is easy. Being able to create and sustain wealth is what will set you apart from the rest.”John Rampton
    • What it means: You can make a fortune, but keeping that fortune in tact is another task in itself. Study the habits of the rich to learn to become rich.
  • “Be the CEO of your retirement. The chief EVERYTHING officer.” —Chris Hogan
    • What it means: Create your own retirement plan, set your own retirement goals and work to achieve those goals. The only person who knows what is best for your money is YOU.
  • “Financial education is self-defense for your money. Regain control of your money, so you can regain control of your life.” —Robert Kiyosaki
    • What it means: Stay knowledgable about your money, and if there is something you don’t understand, do research or work with an expert to get a grasp on it. It may be overwhelming at first, but you will ultimately feel empowered when you have full control over your money.
  • “A budget doesn’t limit your freedom, it gives you freedom.” —Rachel Cruze
    • What it means: Don’t think of your budget as constraining what you can spend. Think of it as opening up your finances to be able to spend more on the things you want rather than just the things you need.

Take these money quotes with you as you think about the financial aspects of your life in order to grow closer to financial freedom!

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