While retirement is supposed to be stress-free, the process leading up to it can be pretty overwhelming. It’s not uncommon for people to find that they’re unsure about how they ought to prepare for their upcoming retirements. However, if you make these three retirement decisions ahead of time, you’ll be in better shape for this next stage in your life.

  1. Determine who your resources are. It’s a regular experience for potential retirees to need assistance in their retirement decisions. No need for you to go into the process unaware! Plenty of people are available as resources for you, including:
  • Financial analysts. The everyday person might not know every detail about stocks and the market. If you need a helping hand, an expert can help you understand the market and its trends. The best advice, however, is to trust yourself first and foremost. If you don’t feel confident, don’t invest! This is your retirement and you’re the one who deserves full control over it.
  • Friends and family. As the years go by, you’ve probably watched as friends and family have retired. Why not talk to them about their process, experience, and savings? Not only will this prepare you for your future, but it will teach you what to do to make it great.
  • Mortgage officials. Seniors can get a reverse mortgage via the equity of their home. If necessary, this is a good resort to keep in mind if push comes to shove.
  1. Calculate how much you’ll be saving in your nest egg and just how to use it. You’ve gotten this far in the retirement process—it’s an admirable accomplishment, but it’s also important to be mindful of your spending and saving habits. It’s easy to look at money piled up in the bank and think that you’ll have enough to do everything you want, especially in the beginning. For some, this could mean fancy cruises or expensive purchases in cars or homes. This thought process is very common, as money saved away can feel like an abstract concept—that is, until it’s gone. How, then, can you balance your savings with your dreams?
  • First, make a list of everything you’d want to do in your retirement: classes, hobbies, trips, etc.
  • Then, calculate just how much these things would cost. In this case, it’s best to overestimate.
  • After that, if you haven’t done this already, add up the amount of money you’ll spend each year in retirement.
  • Remember to factor in to your calculations that American men live for an average of 76 years and American women live for an average of 81 years. Also don’t forget that you will most likely be spending a fair portion of your retirement savings on healthcare.
  • Finally, compare these sums. You’ll most likely find that you cannot afford to do everything you want and still have enough in the bank to live comfortably. That’s perfectly fine though! You can cherry-pick your favorite ideas and have the comfort of knowing the long-term costs of your spending. No need to deny yourself some exciting opportunities.
  1. Scale down your higher investments. This advice may sound strange, as the more you invest, the more potential you have to earn greater sums of money. However, if you’re close to retirement, you’re nearly at the finish line. Therefore, the more money you have invested, the more you can lose in the final quarter. You definitely don’t want to be stuck with an insufficient sum to retire with, so make sure that you’re being careful with your money. For those who are still a long way to retirement, however, don’t shy away from bigger investments. If you’re comfortable with the risk, you could benefit greatly. Even if you don’t, you’re still at the beginning of retirement journey, so you have plenty of years to pad a comfortable nest egg.

When it comes to making retirement decisions, it’s wise to ensure that you’re covering all your bases. Saving up for your golden years involves intensive budgeting, sound financial choices, and assistance from knowledgeable sources. All this effort will be worth it with the savings you have as you retire. And just think—soon you’ll be able to enjoy the wonderful, wide-open experience of a life beyond the work sector!

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