Sandy beaches, endless waves, and seaside views—retirees deserve it all. In fact, those in their golden years often endeavor to spend the reinvention phase of their lives by beautiful beachy properties. If you long to walk along the ocean or river as you enjoy the benefits of your hard-earned nest egg, then add these waterfront retirement locations to your list.

  • Mendocino, California. Nature lovers will flock to this insular town. With its seaside view and opportunities for outdoor exploration, Mendocino is great for those who love a combination of relaxation and activity.
  • Duluth, Minnesota. For some, lakes are the superior waterfront option. Well, Duluth, Minnesota, offers access to the actual Lake Superior, a bastion of culture in the area. Take port here, and you’ll get the best in fishing, local tradition, and aquatic life.
  • Charleston, South Carolina. Not only does this gorgeous city offer access to the Atlantic Ocean, but it also features art galleries, museums, and carriage tours. For the food-lovers among you, it hosts an array of fine dining options. Finally, enjoy schooner rides and boat tours as you see all this great town gives to residents and visitors alike.
  • Ocean Shores, Washington. The appeal is in the name! If you want to live by the sea but don’t want to deal with years of tourist-filled beaches, this option will suit you perfectly.
  • Savannah, Georgia. If you enjoy Southern culture, this is one of the best waterfront retirement locations for you. Preserved despite the historical city-burning across Georgia, Savannah offers a look at the past while also offer the amenities of the current day. If you anticipate entertaining relatives in the future, they’ll have many options to impress them all throughout the town. Plus, it includes a rarity in the mostly-landlocked state of Georgia: a beautiful beach.
  • Mobile, Alabama. Prefer bays and rivers? Mobile, Alabama has you covered. Even better, Alabama has a low cost of living, making this location a prime place to live out your retirement.
  • Winter Haven, Florida. We’d be remiss if we didn’t include a Floridian city in this list. Winter Haven is special, as it contains canals and lakes, as opposed to busy oceanfront properties. For those who enjoy cozier towns with minimal tourist populations, this town is an ideal place to retire. It also has an added benefit for citrus lovers: miles of fragrant fruit groves.

No matter which area of the country you prefer, there are plenty of waterfront retirement locations all across America. Which one is your dream place to live?

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