This is part one of a two-part series, “20 Things to Do When You Retire.”

For many people, retirement means freedom. Not only have they shed their normal workload, but they also have established the savings necessary to finally achieve their goals. Traveling, trying new things, and even taking risks are on the list for many people in their twilight years. In fact, there’s no shortage of exciting things to do when you retire. Here are just a few!

  • Preserve your memories. Whether you decide to pen a memoir, get interviewed about your experiences by friends or family, or put together a scrapbook of family photos, preserving your memories is a worthwhile activity. Plus, it will help you form your legacy—and talk about it with the important people in your life.
  • Learn a new skill. Can’t cook? Want to learn how to make soap? Or have you always wondered what yoga is like? Well, in retirement, you get to live your life on your own clock! Why not take classes or workshops and finally learn a new skill or two?
  • Get eventful. Concerts, festivals, and conventions are all in your wheelhouse! You can visit events based on your interests or go out and discover something new. You might even find a new favorite activity or musical artist!
  • Clean up and cash in. Many retirees choose to downsize their homes as they reach their golden years. Others simply wish to get rid of the clutter. Go through your basement, attic, closets—anywhere you store unused or unwanted things—and clear them out. You can donate your items or, if you want a little extra spending money, you can sell them online or throw an old-fashioned yard sale.
  • See the world. Travel helps enrich us culturally and emotionally. There’s a reason why visiting new locales is among the exciting things to do when you retire. Consider booking far in advance to save money or traveling to unusual places.
  • Small-scale sales. Whether you’ve just mastered a new hobby or you’re a longtime expert, you can always offer your services or products for sale! Tutoring, babysitting, or selling homemade baked goods will give you some side money. Plus, for those who miss working, this will be a simple fix—without putting you through the workplace wringer.
  • Head outside. Keeping active throughout your retirement will help your body remain in shape. Plus, it has positive emotional effects. You can take walks through the park or do outdoor yoga to take advantage of the beautiful world of nature.
  • Find out the facts. If you’re interested in history or science, consider learning about a new subject within these topics. You can check out podcasts, websites, or books. Who knows—you might even become an expert!
  • Start your own podcast. If you like listening to podcasts, you might also enjoy starting your own. It will allow you to explore a subject you’re passionate about, all the while getting in touch with like-minded people. You can talk about anything you want! History, art, food—or even something completely off-the-wall—are all possible ideas!
  • Speak up. Is there a cause that’s important to you? Speak up for your beliefs—and try to help out. You can volunteer, run a website on the topic, or go to events or rallies.

With all these exciting things to do when you retire, the reinvention period of your life will be rife with possibilities! Even if you don’t want to make any major changes, there are still plenty of smaller-scale activities to enjoy. Happy retirement!

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