This is part two of a two-part series, “20 Things to Do When You Retire.”


If you need more ideas about exciting things to do when you retire, we have plenty of them. So go ahead, get out your planner—you have countless possibilities out in front of you. Which of these items are you itching to do first?

  • Get Zen. Sprawl out your yoga mat, get into position, and start meditating. You’ll be nice and calm in no time!
  • Climb your family tree. Into genealogy? If you’re fortunate enough to be able to figure out where your family hails from, give your ancestors’ home country a visit!
  • Make winter-wear. If you can sew or knit, you can always make winter-wear for friends and family. Scarves, hats, mittens—anything you make will be appreciated. Additionally, you could also create clothes for charity, donating them to someone who needs them. You can even do this year-round, making seasonal clothes—and having a positive impact on the world.
  • Audit it. There’s no need to rack up college debts in search of exciting things to do when you retire! Instead, audit a class at the local university. You can expand your skillset and your mind.
  • Explore the ocean. Whether you swim, snorkel, or scuba, you can check out the underwater world. Plus, swimming is a great low-impact exercise that will keep you in shape as you age.
  • Take advantage of perks. Those in retirement are often 65 or older, allowing them access to a variety of senior specials. You can get discounts on meals, movies, and stores! This gives you more money to enjoy your golden years.
  • Gather your own food. Want to create memorable meals from food that you’ve personally brought to the table? Get fishing, planting, or harvesting. You can always freeze or can leftovers to enjoy them in the winter, too.
  • Burn through your entertainment to-do list. As adults, we’re constantly behind on television, film, and book recommendations from friends. Now, you finally have time to get cracking on the list. You might even find a new favorite!
  • Start a family dialogue. Family is important! Even though members often fight their busy schedules, consider getting together at a special time or communicating regularly. You could send letters, email a family newsletter, or schedule gatherings. Your family will love to spend this time with you, and you can make the most of the most relaxing years of your life.
  • Find a lifelong companion. Taking care of a pet adds routine and responsibility to your days. Even better, you’ll benefit from unconditional love. Many will choose dogs or cats, but you could also get a rat, gerbil, or even a snake. Plus, don’t forget to consider an older animal from a shelter. They’re often less likely to get adopted, despite the fact that they’re calm and affectionate. If you have a lower energy level, they’ll fit in perfectly with your lifestyle, too.

No matter how many years you have left until your retirement, you can always start planning your fun now! Let these exciting things to do when you retire claim a spot on your list. You can always use them as motivation to help you last in the workforce. Plus, figuring out big hobbies and expenses ahead of time will help you maximize the amount of earning you need to do to sustain them.

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