During Thanksgiving, we express our gratitude for a wide variety of blessings: family, friends, and good fortune. One thing we’re not thankful for? Just how much the holiday can cost us. If you want to scale back this year—or at least try to make the holiday a little more affordable—considering testing out these ways to spend less money during Thanksgiving.

  • Throw a potluck-style Thanksgiving. Turkey or no turkey, cooking a full-course meal can cost a bundle. Instead of taking on all the financial burden yourself, have everyone chip in. You can even assign them just what to bring, ensuring that you don’t have a meal consisting of five different versions of mashed potatoes.
  • Instead of buying on Black Friday, spend the year finding gifts. Black Friday can be a money hole, leading you to spend hundreds of dollars. Though of course it’s impossible to buy incredibly far in advance starting right now, keep this in mind for next year. Many companies will have sales after the holidays and in the summer. Track when certain stores offer discounts and space out your gift-buying over the year. Then, you don’t lose a large amount of money all at once! Just remember to give yourself a reasonable spending limit per person.
  • Enjoy the holiday at home—or offer to host. Traveling for Thanksgiving can set you back a pretty penny. Instead of taking a long car ride or expensive plane trip, considering enjoying the holiday at home. If you’re expecting to spend Turkey Day with relatives, you can also offer to host, allowing you to spend time with your loved ones without spending all that money on travel.
  • Set a price limit. Thanksgiving dinner can be expensive—but it doesn’t have to be. Buy frugally, shopping at less expensive stores, and don’t forget to set a price limit. That way, you don’t find yourself overspending on dinner.
  • Cook a chicken. Not only is chicken cheaper, but it takes less time to cook. If you’re looking for ways to spend less money during Thanksgiving—and a break from all the stress—adopting this idea can make a huge difference during your holiday experience. You could even use leftover pie crust and vegetables to make a memorable chicken pot pie.
  • Don’t worry about appearances. Sure, a large spread complete with gorgeous themed decorations may look appealing; however, it can cause undue stress—and break the bank. Instead of overspending, reuse old decorations, make a simple meal, and focus on the real point of the holiday: gratitude for what you have.

During Turkey Day, turkey isn’t the only thing on your mind. Most likely, you’re also considering your finances too—and how to keep them in the best possible shape during the holidays. With these ways to spend less money during Thanksgiving, you can make your mission much more feasible. Happy Thanksgiving!

At Ty J. Young Inc., our expert investors seek to give you another reason to be grateful: our money-protected guarantee. To get started on growing your wealth, call us after the holiday at 877-912-1919. Finally, if you want to increase your financial and retirement-based knowledge as your meal cooks, check out our useful blog.

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