Creating a magical Christmas isn’t always free. Though some people choose to spend more than others, they all enjoy the reason for the season: spending time with loved ones. As you enjoy your holiday with the most important people in your life, giving them gifts and holiday cheer, you can also present them with these interesting Christmas spending statistics in the U.S.

  • Christmas trees. Who can forget the importance of a Christmas tree during the holiday? Decorating it with friends and family remains the highlight of the season for many people. So, it’s safe to say that buying these beloved trees would create some interesting Christmas spending statistics in the U.S. Each year, we buy about 400 million Christmas trees. In total, these purchases run Americans $2.2 billion—yes, billion—per year.
  • Decorations. During the holiday season, we love to beautify our homes, inside and out. The only issue? Cost! So, how much money does the average household spend on decorations? All in all, about $200.
  • Generational spending gaps. Baby boomers, people born between 1946 and 1964, have the distinction of spending the least amount of money this holiday season: a cumulative average of around $576. The generation who spends the most, on the other hand, is Gen X. Born between 1965 and 1980, this generation goes on holiday spending sprees that average out at about $762.
  • Cash gifts. Hoping for some cold hard cash this year? The chances aren’t too bad! One in five holiday gift-givers will opt to give out green.
  • Gift cards. Are you more of a gift card person? The odds may just be in your favor! With options like movies, clothes, and dinner all on the table—and on the card—you may be hoping for this present instead. Good news: 56 percent of holiday gift-givers choose to present their recipients with gift cards.
  • Pet care. Americans love their pets. Cats, dogs, rabbits, and more—we adore them all. When it comes time for Christmas, this trend continues. In fact, we lavish our pets with gifts—all to the tune of $5 million!
  • Self-given gifts. Really, who knows us better than we know ourselves? After a year of hard work, we deserve to indulge a little. Many Americans agree with this assessment, picking out a present or two just for them. But, how much does the average American decide to spend on his or her own self-given gifts? About $100, give or take.

During the holiday season, purchases may seem inevitable, but they’re worth it when you see the look on a loved one’s face as he or she enjoys the seasonal magic. No matter how much you buy—or how you contribute to these Christmas spending statistics in the U.S.—you deserve to enjoy the holiday. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

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