moving to a smaller place in retirement

7 Tips for Moving to a Smaller Space in Retirement

You have everything lined up for your retirement: your funding, your plan, and all the fun you’ll have. Now, it’s time to deal with an important transition: finding where you’ll spend your time. Let these tips for moving to a smaller space in retirement help you organize this critical—and exciting—change for your golden years.

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financing assisted living

Financing Assisted Living: What You Need to Know

Financing assisted living can be tricky. After all, for many people enjoying the reinvention phase of their lives, the need may not seem immediate. They may still engage in a high level of activity, bustling about from place to place and getting involved in various activities. However, that may not always be sustainable, as the older we become, the more likely we are to need assisted care. Don’t make the mistake of refusing to plan for a potential expense as big as this. Besides, you may find that you enjoy the reliable help and comfort that comes with assisted living. To fully prepare yourselves, here’s just what you need to know.

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the executor of a will

7 Steps to Take If You Are the Executor of a Will

Being the executor of a will can be an emotional and overwhelming process. On the one hand, you are in charge of distributing the deceased person’s property as outlined in his or her will, as well as the payment of debts and expenses. On the other hand, if you are this person’s executor, you are likely grieving his or her passing. In many cases, children are the executors of their parents’ wills.

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Reasons you need a will

5 Reasons You Need a Will

An important piece of the retirement planning puzzle is not only determining how you will use your assets to pay for your retirement, but also mandating what will happen to your assets after you pass away. A will outlines the latter, giving you control over your estate and influence over it after you have died. Among the reasons you need a will are:

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Who Needs a Will?

Planning for your death and organizing your estate is not necessarily a process anyone looks forward to, and therefore it is often pushed to the bottom of peoples’ priority lists. However, it’s a process that, if neglected, could have negative consequences on your hard-earned assets and for your family.

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