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9 Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Your Financial Well-Being

Well, the year is officially more than halfway over! Can you say that you’ve spent the past seven months—or longer—working on ironing out your funds? If not, don’t worry—you can still get started on these simple things that will help you improve your financial well-being.

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financial elements each quarter

Review These 6 Financial Elements Each Quarter

Every now and then, it can literally pay for you to take a step back to review the state of your personal finances. If you are apathetic about where your money exists, if and how it is growing and whether or not it is protected from potential loss, then you could end up getting blindsided—from ending up with less money for retirement than you realized, to watching your money take a devastating nosedive in the stock market. You can avoid getting blindsided, however, by being proactive about your financial situation. In yesterday’s blog we discussed financial spring cleaning. In addition to this yearly self-audit, at Ty J. Young Inc., we suggest you review these six financial elements each quarter to stay on top of your financial condition and ensure you are taking responsibility of the money that will serve to support you in retirement.

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get your money back

Investing: Keep it Simple

Deciding where and how to have your money invested can be a tricky game. The good news is, it does not have to be complicated and at Ty J. Young Inc. we strive to keep things simple.

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5 Ways to Avoid Your Financial Crash

Planning your financial success is as simple as taking a proactive approach to your finances. Compare your path toward financial security to taking a road trip. If you’re traveling from New Orleans to Atlanta in your car and you don’t know which route to take or what vehicle will reliably get you there, you may end up somewhere you don’t want to be. The same applies to your finances. Take these five steps into consideration to avoid your financial crash.

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6 Habits of Financially Secure People

Of all the worries in life, money is on average the most significant for the majority of Americans. Financial security—essentially being 100 percent confident that you can eliminate that worry—is something we all strive for, but not all of us get there.

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