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The Theory of Exiting the Market When it Starts Going Down

You hear it from people all the time. I’ll get out of the stock market when it starts going down. It’s a justification they use to validate their choice to expose their money to market risk rather than keeping it safely guarded while earning interest. Exiting the market when it goes down almost never works.

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5 Ways to Avoid Your Financial Crash

Planning your financial success is as simple as taking a proactive approach to your finances. Compare your path toward financial security to taking a road trip. If you’re traveling from New Orleans to Atlanta in your car and you don’t know which route to take or what vehicle will reliably get you there, you may end up somewhere you don’t want to be. The same applies to your finances. Take these five steps into consideration to avoid your financial crash.

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5 Ways to Stop Wealth Leakage

When you invest your money, generally you expect to increase your return, not lose some or all of it. Unfortunately, if left unattended your wealth could be leaking little by little like a hole in the bottom of a bucket of water that you’re trying to take up a hill. It’s destructive to your mission, and if you wait too long to stop wealth leakage, you could end up with nothing when your journey reaches its most important point.

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It Is OK to be Different and Safer

In the 1970s, the stock market was the vehicle of the wealthy. The retirement plan for others, who often worked decades at the same job, involved pensions.

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6 Habits of Financially Secure People

Of all the worries in life, money is on average the most significant for the majority of Americans. Financial security—essentially being 100 percent confident that you can eliminate that worry—is something we all strive for, but not all of us get there.

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Reinventing Yourself in Retirement

If the word retirement makes you want to run and hide due to fear of boredom, the unknown or the inevitable, then let’s assign the process of terminating your working years a new label.

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Does Diversification Equal Safety?

It has long been believed that having your assets spread out over multiple types of investments, or, having a diverse portfolio, is the key to financial safety.
However, in 2008, that theory was proven wrong.

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Who Needs a Will?

Planning for your death and organizing your estate is not necessarily a process anyone looks forward to, and therefore it is often pushed to the bottom of peoples’ priority lists. However, it’s a process that, if neglected, could have negative consequences on your hard-earned assets and for your family.

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Why This Blog?

Financial security. These are two overused words that can conjure mixed emotions depending on whether it is something you are lacking, something you’re leaning toward or something in which you currently find relief. What does financial security mean? Certainty that you can pay your bills. Guarding against potential loss. Ensuring your future quality of life. A sanctuary among threats to your wealth.

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