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Does Diversification Equal Safety?

It has long been believed that having your assets spread out over multiple types of investments, or, having a diverse portfolio, is the key to financial safety.
However, in 2008, that theory was proven wrong.

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Who Needs a Will?

Planning for your death and organizing your estate is not necessarily a process anyone looks forward to, and therefore it is often pushed to the bottom of peoples’ priority lists. However, it’s a process that, if neglected, could have negative consequences on your hard-earned assets and for your family.

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Why This Blog?

Financial security. These are two overused words that can conjure mixed emotions depending on whether it is something you are lacking, something you’re leaning toward or something in which you currently find relief. What does financial security mean? Certainty that you can pay your bills. Guarding against potential loss. Ensuring your future quality of life. A sanctuary among threats to your wealth.

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